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Being a stay-at-home mum to 3 wonderful boys is great, but can also be very tiring. Sometimes after a busy day of school runs, homeworks, and various clubs, the last thing I want to do is begin cooking dinner! But, like most other families in the current economic climate we try to live on a budget, so my husband and I were always looking for eateries around our city that offered inexpensive childrens menus, or even better ‘Kids Eat for Free’ offers. I felt that this was important so that we could all enjoy some quality family time…without the washing up!

Dining out with kids can sometimes be stressful, ordering expensive childrens meals only to watch our little darlings take a few bites, decide they are full, push the food around their plates and then toss it on the ground. Lets be honest, we have all been there.

I know for us this was frustrating and discouraged us from dining out as often as we wanted to, as it was sometimes just a waste of money. But over the past few years we have found some really great local places to eat out that have kids eat for free offers. These are the places we frequent now, and we can even afford to splash out on ice-cream after!

We were always looking for new places to try but without trawling through the internet we found it very difficult to find Kids Eat for Free offers. KidsEat4Free.co.uk was created to provide a one-stop site for parents to find family friendly offers near you! Launched in the autumn of 2014 with only 20 offers we are trying to encourage many more restaurants, cafes and take-aways across Northern Ireland to run a Kids Eat for Free offer in their quiet periods, and give families more choice for the times when Mum and Dad just need a night off from the cooking!


Money Saving: For parents living on a budget, but also wanting to enjoy timeout with their children, we hope to help guide them to eateries where they can save money whilst enjoying a family  meal and some quality time together.

Boosting Business: We hope that our partner restaurants can benefit from running their Kids Eat 4 Free offer by encouraging parents to dine out with them in their quieter periods, therefore maximising profits and gaining return custom.

Healthy Eating: Childhood obesity has become a major problem throughout the UK, and therefore we would like to encourage our partner restaurants to promote healthy eating through their menus.